Friday, November 6, 2009

Some things seemed so usual...

(Sorry for the long post) The mother of a friend of mine recently passed away... I did not know her but her daughter works with me as well as her son in law and her granddaughter. I feel so horrible when things like this happen, there are no "correct" words to express. It got me thinking about all the people that my family has lost. We all lose loved ones and eventually we all end up moving past the initial grief and moving forward with our lives. I don't think people really ever "move on" (or maybe it's just my definition of it) I believe that people move forward and progress with their lives.. but do you ever really move on from somebody? You never forget their smile, their hug, you think of them when familiar things come around. They are everywhere around you.. so how exactly do you "move on"? Luckily we have the gospel in our lives, and we are able to know that we will see them again someday. I can't imagine looking towards the future, after somebody passes, and not believing that I would ever see them again. It just seems like there would be a hollow hole. Anywho...

I miss you grandpa- with all of my heart I miss you just being you, just being grandpa. Laughing and joking, filling my head full of random facts, but most of all I miss those hugs that you used to give. There is nothing like the hug from the most loving, caring, kind person in the world... grandpa...

Uncle Kunk(Kent) It has been such a long time since you passed, but it seems like it was so recent... I remember one of the last times I saw Uncle Kent he tried to pay me to drink the sour milk in the fridge.. hahaha Miss you!

Uncle Dennis, I am still amazed at how much you knew.. about everything. You were such a sweet sweet man! Miss you!

Uncle Jerry ( the only picture I could find I stole off of Charidee's facebook :) But it is a great picture of Uncle Jerry's smile! He is at Uncle Kent's grave with his grandson Tanner)Uncle Jerry was always so kind! I'm keepin up with your Broncos!! Miss you

I found a poem that my mom had found when Grandpa Barton passed away, printed it off, and gave it to my friend. She loved it and it reminded me how much it really helped me. So I thought I would share it again :)

Some things seemed so usual on that remembered day,
The sun arose, the birds awoke and kids came out to play.
For most of us the hours passed much like the days before.
We lost ourselves in busyness and rushed from talk to chore.
It was not so for you, my friend, and forever will it be
The day God said to your beloved come home and dwell with me.
Yes, on this day, you lost someone you loved with all your heart
and with this truth, the world you knew abruptly fell apart.
How fleeting was the moment that stilled this life so dear,
Yet, how profound the impact on you left mourning here.
Time offered no rehearsal for your feelings of goodbye
Whether sudden or expected it begs the question, "why?"
Some say God sends his children here with special tasks to do,
then calls them to him, one by one, when all their work is through.
Others feel, Thy will was done just life's eternal plan,
and when we enter Heaven's gates we'll finally understand.
Still, you might find little solace in the why behind your sorrow,
the one you love is gone from here, and this changes not tomorrow.
With this, your heart does lead you along a path of grief,
where you gather precious memories, and through tears you find relief.
The pace at which you travel is yours to set and share
with those on whome you'll count on to listen, talk, and care.
You may wish yourself to hurry and believe your mourning through,
Pain from loss prefers to stay and make a home with you.
And there it will become a friend who gently helps you cross
into a life that finds new meaning from your encounter with such loss.
This healing happens slowly over weeks and month and years
and even then, there will be days when memories call fresh tears.
A song, a scent, or photograph keeps your heart in touch
with all that you so treasured in the one you miss so much.
Yet, a time will come eventually when the pain of where you've been
Makes room within your hear for hope in life again.
Then may the joys of every day create memories for you heart
like precious gifts sent full of love from the one you did depart.
May you sense your loved one's spirit on a lazy sunshine day
and know the one you miss delights to watch you laugh and play.
May you recall that radiant smile in the sparkle of a star
and know its shinging extra bright to find you from afar.
May you hear your beloved's laughter in the misty falling rain
and know that tears from heaven fall from eyes that share your pain.
May you fell your loved one's touch when mild breezes blow...
To caress your cheek and whisper soft
"I still walk with you, you know"


Kurt and Tara Heath

I dont think you move on but forward! FYI I am crying right now! Thanks! You have such a beautful way with words I have always said you should be a journalist or write a book or something! You are amazing! We miss ya and love ya! I am SO glad you are going back to schook- and slightly jealous!

LuDene Barton

Katy: Oh my heck, was I ever touched by your sweet message. I can honestly tell you that you don't move on, but the rest of the world seems to, leaving you behind. I think it's like Tara said, if you don't move forward, you get left behind an it seems like your behind for a long time, then one day Heavenly Father has blessed you and you seem to be alive once again. Not the same life you had before, but a good life. The gospel has brought so much peace into my life, along with my calling at the Care Center. He really did bless me. Besides having the best family in the world to help me through g Grandpa's death (and my sisters). I fill like if I could survive that I can survive most things. I love you and your way to express yourself. Use and develop it. It is a talent. Love Grandma


KATELYN! I told you that you are killing me, remember! That is a special tender post and makes me sad and happy, too. It is a joy to remember those we love and to pay tribute to them. You are young to have such insight! But then you experienced so much death and loss so young. It adds such depth to your soul. We also lost Heidi, Dennis and Alene's daughter, and Grandma's two sisters along with all the ones you mentioned. Each brings such loss. Each with memories of a beautiful life.
You have a tender kind heart and I love you for it. MOM

Layna Bear

that made me think of grandma Madge... It is true do we really move on... Well it is good to remember those that have passed and yes we are one of the most luckiest people to have something so precious in our lives like the gospel to help comfort us when we pass. I am glad I get to see grandma again I really miss her and still think that she is still in loa in the Care center. I loved her so so much... Thank you for helping remember!!

Layna T.


What a perfect little poem thing. I love it. I'm gonna hang it. :) Love you katy!