Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween :)

Last minute I decided to come home for Halloween... and I am so very happy that I did!! I love my family so much and they just seem to always put a smile on my face! We had such a great time, the whole family was together that night and we had a blast. I believe at one point all the children were downstairs and the adults upstairs were ten times louder (candy fight) I only got a few pictures (again they are with my phone so not the best quality)

Little Jenna girl as a mouse :)

Keaton- isn't he so cute? He was showing me his karate moves, he claims he taught himself all the moves... I dunno they seem pretty advanced =)

Gavin as Mickey Mouse- He melts my heart

The three youngest... really hard to get a picture of the fairy(butterfly) skeleton and mouse all together lol...

Our family... all squished on the couch. It was funny because we took the picture then about five minutes later realized for some reason we were all still setting on the couch... haha =]

During the candy fight Tara took the swiffer and went after dad haha.... It was pretty funny to watch.



Cute pictures. We did have a fun Halloween. It sure was a crazy place for a few hours. We do seem to have a good time, though! I'm not sure what it will be like to not all gather at our Salina house. Oh well. We won't think too much about that.