Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I finally got to see it!! This particular movie was a very special one for me, because of my grandpa Barton. Grandpa Norm used to read this book to me and the rest of my cousing every chance he could pull that darn book out. As soon as I saw Carol in the preview I knew the movie, I actually squealed in the movie theater (just ask Ty he was not so happy haha). I went with Grandma Barton, Keaton, and Dylan to the movie and it was so cute and really brought out the characters. I wish so much that grandpa could have been there to see it, I'm sure he has already watched it over and over :)
I miss those dreaming days, those innocent days, the "max" days. I sometimes wish when I went into my room it grew into a forest, then an ocean. I could sail away from everything, and come back to hot dinner :) I guess the possibility of those days aren't really gone, they still exist it's just that child's view of the world that is gone....

I miss you grandpa :) can't wait to see you again... maybe where the wild things are!



KATELYN! You're killing me! I cried my eyes out when I read your blog. You should be a writer because you touch people in places that are very special. I too, hope Grandpa got to see that movie, because that book meant so much to him. And, I too, hope we see him again where the wild things are, or just anywhere would be good! I love you for the special girl you are! Love MOM

LuDene Barton

Katelyn: i enjoyed going to the movie with you Dylan and Keaton also. I too think grandpa would have been there with us, he surely did love that book. Later that day I asked Keaton if he had enjoyed the movie and he said yes, we actually talked about it. Thanks for thinking about me when you talked about going to the movie, it meant a lot to me. I don't think to many wanted to see it, their loss huh. I always love how you write, you really have a talent for it. I love your sweet spirit.. Love Grandma B