Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 7

A picture of someone or something that has the biggest impact on you.


Okay, so I realize the sunrise doesn't necessarily represent death but in a way it reminds me of those mornings after death has occurred. You are supposed to put a picture and the Grim Reaper seemed a little to extreme and posting a picture of a dead body is just darn right creepy. So I went with the beautiful sunset ... it reminds me of Heaven and where our loved ones are going.

Death has had such a huge impact on not only me but my entire family. We have lost so many loved ones way too early. I miss them all so much everyday. Death, though has had such a negative impact in losing my uncles and grandparents and cousins but it has changed my life in a positive way (other than those people not being here). My father endured so much pain for those couple years he lost all his brothers but that is when I first recognized the strength my father had. He is so amazing of a man you couldn't even believe. His heart is so big and open and kind and I believe a lot of it is because of what he went through. A lot of people use death as a crutch to blame life's problems on... not by dad. It's a strength for him that he has overcome the deaths of his brothers. He misses them terribly every single day of his life there is no doubt in my mind about that. But he continues to live his life for God, when most people would turn away. He continues to be the amazing dad that I have always known and the great person that he is even though he has struggled with so much.

I miss my grandpa so much each day, I will randomly break into tears just thinking about all the things I have missed with him that some others got to see. I occasionally run into people that knew Principal Barton and have nothing but the greatest things to say about him. I loved him so much but I was only 12 when he died. I wish I knew him as me being an adult so I could have had some of his words of wisdom. The man was a genius!!

Long story short ( sorry for the rambling) death has probably been the thing that has had the biggest impact on my life.



Amazing. I know what you are saying. Death seemed to be ever present for a couple of years. I hate the year 2002. We lost my Dad, Dennis and Jerry. We had lost Kent a little before. They were such strong examples of men. I know the deaths made us learn to live and to cope and to find the meaning of life. While there are tears, there are so many happy memories. Keep those close to your heart. Your Dad is amazing and has felt the sting of death with those mentioned and also his own father, at the young age of 7. More that one should have to endure. He is a strong man but misses them dearly. MOM


um, this is the cutest Idea!! I love it! I'm stealing it! :)