Monday, May 17, 2010

It finally happened....

Well, on May 5th we officially moved out of the Salina house. It was a sad day .. mostly for me haha I had to leave to come back to work the next day so I left first and it wasn't easy. I loved that house, everything about it. I loved the times my family spent there growing up. We had a lot of fun memories. I thank God everyday for being blessed with such an amazing family. We were very lucky to get to stay in that house all those years and it was a great place to grow up! My family had a lot of fun times there! I'll always remember the Sunday night dinners, the house was crazy when all the kids came over. Dinner was always fabulous and the time spent with the family is irreplaceable. Some things I will always remember about the house...

1- Dad chasing Brady down the stairs - Brady breaking the stair because of his hulk-like moves
2- Bathing Kaly in the backyard in the summertime.. also, bathing Berkley just in time for him to run to the back field and get muddy.
3- The backyard BBQs
4- All the late night chats with my friends and mom
5- When mom through a towel over the railing just in time for Tara to get it by the golden fan hanging over it...
6- I remember each time one of my sisters moved out. I was heartbroken each time.
7- Bone, Thugs and Asparagus - My sisters band. (They used to let me handle the CD player while they performed)
We had so many fun times in that house it was hard to say goodbye. But we will always have the memories with each other. Thank you mom and dad for everything you have done for us. I appreciate you waiting for me to graduate highschool before moving and allowing me that extra time. I love you both so much! I am so happy you get to be together again!!



Love Love Love It!!!!! Great pictures of that crazy day and I love the picture of my 5 kids. It is so cute. I am glad your memories are so good. We were so fortunate to have so many happy times. The other pics. are so cute too. Love ya.

Adam and Dev

What a cute pic of the fam...I also had fun with your 4th memory (late night chats with family and friends!) I remember hanging out with you and your sisters, mom, and Valma and just LAUGHING non-stop. Miss you friend and hope we can get together soon :)


Oh Katy! this is a wonderful post! I'm so sad you don't have your house any more, but glad you had it for so long! Love you!


haha.. i just realized what you have my name as on the side of your list of friends and family blogs. haha.. i miss that by the way.. Miss kaki luv. i miss you darlin.. how are you lately:)


Thats hard. I was 8 when we moved from Colorado, and I swear to go it was the end of the world...
When I was 19... I couldnt get out of my parents house fast enough - I think I left skid marks. But I cant imagine my mom selling the house now... it would be so sad :) Hold onto those memories! Write them down!


I go back and re-read your post every so often because it is so cute and reminds me of the memories that are so important. That was the hardest day for you and it broke my heart to see you leave crying. I know you will be ok but it was sad. It is fun seeing you here in AF and tending the dog everyday. We get to visit while you have lunch. See there are some benefits. haha love ya.. mom