Wednesday, April 21, 2010

50th Birthday Parties

My wonderful mother turned 50 on December 5, 2009 and my amazing father turned 50 on April 3, 2010. Yes my mom did rob the cradle a little bit :).

We had a blast.

We threw a surprise birthday party for my mom and all of her friends and a lot of family came! She was really surprised and it was so fun to give her a party to celebrate how great she is. My dad told her that we were going to play basketball at the church for a little bit and that is where we were all hiding. When she walked in the door she was thrown back and thought it was a church event. We finally got her in and enjoyed the night.

Mom- You are such an amazing mother. You have been the best example to me and I owe you everything. You have carried me through many hard times and I thank you for that. I thank God everyday for the family that he blessed me with. I couldn't have had a better mom!

Now dad's party... We all went over to Krista's house and had a 70's themed party. They decorated the house to make sure dad knew exactly how old he was :) We all made a video of saying happy birthday to dad and it turned out really cute and special! Our gifts were all five memories that we had of him. We had a ton of memories to choose from so our five favorites were hard to choose :)

Dad- You are and always have been my rock. You are my daddy... You have been through so so much in your life yet your soul always shines so bright. Your strength has carried our family through some difficult times and your wisdom has helped us through so many questions. I love you so much! Thank you for always being there for me and teaching me all you know!



Thanks so much. I saw on facebook that you had updated so I checked it out. You are a wonderful daughter. I love the fun pictures and the memories of all the fun we had. Your words are so sweet and I love you tons. Thank You , MOM