Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Waiting in the hospital

Grandma and Gavin waiting while Jenna was being born

The picture is a little blurry cause Gavin took it.. but here is the proud mama, lookin all gorgeous a day after having her baby

He really enjoys looking out the windows.

Cute Kids =]

Dax loves playing with flowers =]
Alyssa likes to be motherly to the other children
Gavin tried on my softball stuff.. I think he looks quite studly =]
Wedding Dress

Well, in the process of moving my parents have discovered a few wedding dresses haha... Krista decided to see if she could still fit in hers and guess what... the little brat can .. ten years later and she is still the same size. I tried it on as well, sadly I only got it half way zipped up haha

Herbert the Spider
Ty and I were driving home to Salina one night and stopped at the red barn for some peaches. Well, the red barn was closed but Ty sure had fun with this spider... it was huge and kept chasing the car, I rolled up the windows so it wouldn't jump in at me haha... he wanted to take it home so it came home in the trunk in a sealed bottle, let's just say it didn't make it. But Dax sure had fun wth it after.

Some Dolce pics =]

this is how he likes to ride in the car...can make for some difficult turns haha
Hey.. hey.. just wanted to let you know I was here haha

Please don't put me away .. I'm really cute