Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I got to see baby Jenna last night for the first time!! Kurt was able to hold her up to the window, he was even able to open the door and he stood on one side back and we stood on the other side and could see her sweet precious face!! She is so so gorgeous she has Tara's gorgeous lips and Grandmpa Norm's chubby cheeks. They tell me her eyes are Kurt's grandpa's as well... she is so blessed! I can't wait until I can hold her!



Cute picture of you and Ty. I do believe your hair is a different color! I like it. I bet that was neat to see Jenna. The pictures tell it all! She is so cute. I am glad you and grandma got to see her. She is truly an angel! MOM


Congrads to the new niece. She is darling!!