Friday, June 5, 2009

The Kitty Litter is thrown away =[

Yesterday I had to throw out the kitty litter... My cat, Sophie, that I have had as an inside cat for eight years jumped out of my window and hasn't been back since. I seriously have cried so much over her leaving!! She has always been an inside cat so she is like my daughter as odd as that sounds. I got her when I was 12 years old and she has been my "shoulder to cry on" ever since. A lot of people don't like cats but I love her to death and she was so perfect. I wish she would come back but I think at this point it's not going to happen.



Oh Katy! I'm so sorry!!! I wish that she would have come back. :( If you need a kitten though, the lady at the stables has could have one! love you.

Adam and Dev

I'm sorry about your kitty...I loved Sophie too! I love you lots friend :)


I feel really bad about her too. I know how much you really loved her. We will still watch for her. I hope she doesn't come home with a family!! You did take good care of her and were the only one that cat ever liked. Hope the new appartment is going good and you have all you need there. If not, let us know. MOM

Brasher family

Katy, you are too sweet. Do you mind if I add you to my page?

I don't think you should be jealous, look how gorgeous YOU are!!

Amy Rosquist

Hmm. That is so weird. I thought she would be back by now. Maybe she is going through a rebellious stage.