Monday, June 29, 2009


It's been a little while since I have blogged about my oh so interesting life. Sophie is still gone and I cannot walk down the kitty aisle in wal mart without busting into tears. I miss her so much! The puppy I think misses her too! I have to take him to the vet today and I am really nervous! He has been whimpering whenever he jumps on his leg and will no longer jump up or down (which for my crazy-hyperactive dog is a very scary thing) -- I have officially moved out of the American Fork house. I now live in Orem with two roommates, Chelce I grew up with and Melody I just met. We have had a blast so far! It is nice to finally have some good girlfriends again!! Che Che (Chelce) has been so great to live with even though the puppy chose her room to make his first accident... Sorry Che Che! I miss my dad and I know he misses me (I'm pretty sure he has cried himself to sleep every night since I left... I'm just not sure if it is over me or the puppy leaving him) It was great to get so close to my dad over the past couple of years, we are very alike in a lot of ways (which is why we tend to butt heads occasionally) and that man is my hero and I thank my lucky stars every day that God sent me to him to be his daughter!

I have such a wonderful family I just don't understand how I got so lucky! Even my sisters married the most amazing guys who have turned into my amazing brothers. I can't express how much I truly love and appreciate all of them. My four mothers - Mom, Krista, Amy and Tara. They all went to Parent Teacher Conferences, made dinners, went to recitals/competitions and they all were there to punish me when needed(seriously) and they all have saved me multiple times. My dad- The most amazing man ever!! He may be rough and tough on the outside but he really is a big sap! haha jk... then my brothers - Brady, Kyle, Kurt and Ryan... they all protect me in different ways and I know they all would be there for me in a heartbeat... Thanks all of you!!

Well, I don't know where all that came from ha ha.. but there ya go!!



I love your blog and your love for family. I'm glad you and your dad had time to spend together alone and to let your relationship grow. He is overprotective of you sometimes and it can come off harsh. You are his baby! He will really miss you and Dolce. You took good care of him. Thanks. We are fortunate to have a family that is all for one and one for all. You are a special girl and we love you!