Friday, August 1, 2008

Last Week

Last week was pretty ... crazy!! I got my wisdom teeth pulled and a bone graft done in my mouth. I came home Tuesday night in A LOT of pain!! Wednesday I got a bladder infection and couldn't hold down the meds so my mother made me get a wonderful shot in the tushy... Then Friday I went with Tyrel and his family up north, we shopped until I dropped... literally. Saturday we hit Lagoon, now the Taylors get pretty serious about Lagoon alright. We were there for 12 hours haha I was on a lot of medication!! But the day was fun, I enjoyed Ty's family, and the water park saved my life. Sunday we hit up the zoo. I saw the giraffes, the monkees, the bears, and the bird show. They lost a bird doing the bird show haha it was pretty interesting. My stinkin camera wouldn't work and I thought it was because it was broken, but it actually was the batteries so I didn't get many pictures just a few on my phone. The day was pretty fun, Ty chased the peacock out of it's cage then we ran away so we wouldn't get caught haha. Let's just say by the end of the week I was about dead!!