Friday, August 1, 2008

Guess I'll join the pack

Well, my sisters have blogs so I decided to keep up with the times I will get one too! I have myspace and facebook but this is a little different of a world for me lol so give me some time to get used to it. Well, I was raised in Salina and I am a small town girl! I went through a lot growing up, I made a lot of mistakes, fell for the wrong things, and continuously made the wrong choices, but I also made a lot of right choices, fell in love a couple times, and learned some amazing life lessons! Which all ended up making me the person I am today! I love to be with my nephews and nieces they are the light of my life and I would be nowhere without my family. My sisters are my heroes, they are gorgeous! They are amazing women, wives, mothers, daughters, and best of all sisters!! I'm insanely obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. She is the epitome of class. I don't like diamonds but I am speechless over pearls. I work at Smile Reminder and love going to work everyday, I have had a few crappy jobs it's nice to finally feel secure and confident in a job. I have been dating Ty for abt a year and half and still love him haha! Well I think that is about enough