Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Forgotten Carols

Monday, Tyrel and I went to Cottonwood Highschool to watch The Forgotten Carols. I love it so much! Michael Mclean is absolutely amazing! We went last year together and I actually got to meet Michael and he signed my paper. If you haven't heard about The Forgotten Carols it is a book written by Michael Mclean about a nurse that goes to help an elderly man over the holidays. This man is very crazy :) every night he has a different ornament that he has the nurse hang on the tree and along with each one is a "forgotten carol". It is such a great feeling when you go and watch this performance. I love it so much!! If you ever get the chance to go... take it!



My seminary teacher used to spend a few weeks in december to read the forgotten carols. I love it.