Monday, December 29, 2008

Home for the holidays!

Well, they holiday came, and left faster than that! Ty and I drove home to Salina and were able to stay the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th!!! It was so fun to be home with the family and have a few days off of work. We had a great time and we all had a great Christmas!! Here are some wonderful pictures!

Sisters and brother!! I must say... I love my sisters and my bro so so much I would be completely lost without them!

We thought it would be fun to lift Ryan up! Haha I got the forehead

The boys were jealous of our pictures so we had to let them have one.. I love my brothers, I know they are there for me through whatever and I want to thank them for that!

Kyle and Brady just love each other so much!! HAHAHA I am not sure what Kurt and Ryan are doing so don't ask lol

Me and the big sis Kris! haha ... love you more than you could know!!

Classic Keaton ... haha
Just kiddin... sort of

Beautiful Babies!!!

Lyssy Doll

Gavin Troy

Fred Dax (aka fatty)


Kurt and Tara Heath

nice to see you have finally updated your blog:) I am going to still that picture of us off of here and put it on mine!! Love ya, glad you came home for Christmas!

Amy Rosquist

Those pictures turned out cute! It was fun to have you around.
p.s. Tara I believe you mean 'steal'