Friday, September 19, 2008

Me in pictures

A famous Katelyn haha
((she was on America's Prom Queen))

Where I was born Utah Valley
((I think))
My favorite color

Favorite City
((Palmyra, New York))

Place I want to visit

A bad habit
((biting my nails))

Favorite Animal
((Polar Bear))

Past Love
First Job

Place to visit

Current Job
((Smile Reminder))

I tag Krista, Amy, Tara, Mom, Jackie, and Dev


Adam and Dev

hey katelyn- can you send me your email asap? I'm making my blog private sometime within the next few days I think... if it's private by the time you read this, then send your email to

THANKS :) Love ya!

Camille Dumas

Hey Katelyn! How have you been? It feels like I haven't seen you in forever. What happened to the good old days working at Subway?